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Hi there! I'm 

Elana Altman.

 I thrive on organizing chaos.

Experienced in Product, UX, Content, Instruction and Customer Experience

Featured UX Work

Barnard Library website, spaces for page, shown on laptop
Barnard Library - mobile menu.png
Barnard Library

Website Redesign


Overhaul Barnard Library site to help users understand new service offerings & new physical spaces


Bring together insights from users and site editors to streamline navigation and content strategy


A new website that conveys more information with less clutter


Onboarding Tour Experience


Create a way for teachers to learn how to navigate and use Scholastic Magazines' redesigned websites 


Rely on research to determine user experience strategy amidst 

technical and time constraints



A site tour that went live on 12 websites after they relaunched


World Affairs Almanac & Atlas


Transform a popular print resource into a powerful digital tool



Understand student and teacher needs to determine what elements to prioritize in the user interface


An interactive atlas & almanac that lets students to sort and filter data - and is now used on two websites!


Website Redesign


Improve overall conversion 

rate for SadoTech's new 

e-commerce platform


Create tools to make users feel confident in their purchase


The redesign was implemented and increased the conversion rate by 40%


About Me

A few quick thoughts. Want more specifics about my background and experience? Check out my LinkedIn, or just get in touch!

I thrive on...

organizing chaos. Whether it's distilling pages of research into a one-line problem statement or creating a new coherent workflow, I love finding common themes, connecting dots, and clearly communicating ideas.

I believe...

products should have a clear purpose that makes an impact in people's lives. I've always been passionate about discovering diverse perspectives and I keep people's stories, behaviors, needs and goals at the center of my work.

Outside of work...

I can be found at in improv class, trying new restaurants, or reading the news. I bake in the winter, make ice cream in the summer, and swim all year.

Let's chat!

The best way to get to know more about me and my work is through conversation. Drop me a note, and I'll happily find a time to talk. 

You can also find me on LinkedIn.

Let's Chat
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